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Collectors Cafe & Gallery

Collectors Cafe & Gallery | Case Study



Collectors Cafe and Gallery is an upscale contemporary Mediterranean restaurant and Euro style coffee house and one of the top fine dining restaurants on the Carolina coast. Celebrating 20 years in May, it was the brainchild of Thomas Davis and Michael Smith, who created the bistro in an attempt to bring a little more culture to Myrtle Beach, a city known for its wide beaches, golf courses and an eclectic mix of 14 million tourists a year.

Over the years, the marketing has been sporadic without much synergy or consistency and a brand look that was not reflecting and telling the full story behind Collectors. Step one would need to be a new responsive website.




We wanted to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices done by responsive design that better told the story of the Collector’s experience. The responsive, clean design enables potential customers to find the right information on any size screen. Moving to a responsive design website would ultimately help with the speed and accessibility guests would need to view more information about Collectors Café. Also important would be new photography that captured the real art of Collectors. Together they will help better tell the brand story and experience across multiple platforms.

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