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COMO Hotels & Resorts

COMO Hotels & Resorts | CRM Technology | Case Study



Headquartered in Singapore, COMO Hotels and Resorts offers luxury travel experiences with personalized service in elegant properties from Phuket, Thailand, the Turks & Caicos to London, England, each individually curated to reflect its location.  In addition, COMO Shambhala provides the wellness component within each COMO property, through facilities, treatments, instruction, products and its signature healthful cuisine.

With such diversity of its guest and with properties in Asia, North America and Europe, COMO was in need of an enterprise CRM platform integrated with its property management system and web environment. One essential goal was to create a 360 degree profile of its leisure and corporate customer and then engage on a One to One basis to enhance the customer experience and drive new revenue.  Como Hotels and Resorts commissioned NewMedia Digital as an Agency partner to facilitate this process leveraging its new CRM platform.




Leveraging the CRM platform, NewMedia initially centralized the COMO database to include but not limited to leisure transient guests, leads, subscribers, corporate meeting and events, travel agents and much more. The now central database was then prepared for micro-targeting, segmented based on criteria such as purchase history, market segment, source of business, customer loyalty, amenity preferences and geographic information associated with each guest.  Integrated systems were put into place to ensure ongoing list hygiene and automation.  Then NewMedia consultant’s provided training and support to COMO marketing personnel with instruction on how to leverage the CRM for digital marketing campaigns.  For each property in the COMO collection, NewMedia designed and coded a suite of transactional pre and post stay “responsive design” emails that utilize “dynamic content” for personalization purposes.  Finally, the NewMedia Connect ESP 2-way integration with the CRM was configured empowering COMO marketers to increase the value of email by sending highly targeted and personalized communication.




The CRM, NewMedia Connect integration, creative design and ongoing monthly campaigns continue to generate buzz around the COMO brand.  As a result of the centralized database, a true 360 degree profile of the COMO guest was achieved collection-wide that could now be leveraged or marketing and to drive revenue.  Since the Program was initiated, the CRM platform has resulted in significantly enhanced web bookings, higher ADR, extended length of stay all leading to an elevated boost in customer satisfaction metrics.  Moreover, continuity of the Brand image during the guest acquisition, booking and reengagement process has provided immeasurable value and loyalty with the COMO customer.  COMO Hotels and Resorts remains a client of NewMedia Digital with ongoing digital marketing and solutions provided.


Media / Solutions

  • NewMedia CRM Marketing –  Consulting, Support and Admin
  • Responsive Design – Broadcast and Transactional Templates
  • NewMedia Connect – Email Marketing
  • NewMedia Profiler – Web to Lead integration
  • NewMedia Conversations – Marketing Automation

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