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Destination Hotels | Electronic Concierge | Case Study



Managing over 9,300 guest rooms, 18 golf courses and 16 full-service spas across 40 independent, luxury and upscale hotels, resorts and golf clubs, Destination Hotels is a complex management operation with unique needs and service requirements.  Demanding the highest levels of guest service for its growing collection, Destination was in need of a branded mechanism to drive incremental revenue prior to guest arrival, specifically upselling its amenities such as dining reservations, spa and golf tee time bookings.




Destination Hotels commissioned NewMedia Digital to commence a phased rollout of NewMedia Concierge, a unique upsell portal integrated with the Destination’s CRM with the purpose to drive incremental revenue.  The cosmetics of the portal were designed consistent with Destination’s corporate branding with the questioning and guest service options customized for each resort location participating in the program. The portal is accessible through automated pre-stay communication, typically seven days prior to arrival, although configurable on a property by property basis.  Features configured for Destination include integration with the CRM, conditional questioning, operational notifications and reporting.  In addition, responses are stored with Destination’s 360 degree guest profile for future marketing opportunities.  Both the pre-stay communication and the concierge portal were designed and coded by NewMedia Digital and utilized “responsive design” so as to optimize conversion of mobile device users, representing 60% of the client’s engaged database.




Terranea Resort is one of Destination’s premiere oceanfront properties with 102 Acres located southern California.  As an example of the effectiveness of the integrated Electronic Concierge portal, the resort has generated over 2,300 dinner reservations, 1,000 Spa reservations and 300 golf rounds in 24 Months since it started using the platform.  To date, Terranea has experienced over an 18% response rate, with over 8,300 respondents requesting either a special request or amenity purchase.   As a result there has been a substantial boost in customer service, RevPAR, loyalty and guest satisfaction from Destination’s high value customers.


Media / Solutions

  • NewMedia Concierge – Electronic Concierge Portal
  • Responsive Design – Transactional Pre and Post Stay Templates
  • NewMedia CRM  – Marketing –  Consulting, Support and Admin

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