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Sands Resorts is a unique collection of oceanfront resorts accommodating groups and leisure travelers.  NewMedia Digital has long served as the Sands strategic marketing partner. Digital Marketing in the hospitality world is an extremely competitive playing field. Sands and NMD understand that it’s vital to track where the resorts’ digital marketing dollars are going along with the ability to monitor the revenue generated from each marketing campaign.

In order to gain a better understanding and to optimize the Sands digital marketing campaigns, advanced analytics were needed.  This action step would significantly benefit their marketing budget by investing wisely and assist with generating future ROI for their online strategies.




To analyze digital campaign success and behaviors, NewMedia developed custom coding to be placed within the Sands Resorts booking engine.  This coding and analytic dashboard enabled all future digital campaigns including email, banner ads, social media and third party sites with embedding tracking links the capabilities to coincide with Google Analytics. This unique coding structure now provides real-time stats to develop further investment strategies for their resorts’ marketing- ultimately improving their campaigns.


“Custom tracking variables and advanced segments allow us to tag campaign links so that the analytics can recognize and measure digital campaigns that brought visitors to the Sands site.  Using these tags to track revenue generated and specific demographics helps with guiding our next strategic steps.”  –  Chris Crowl President of New Media Digital




The analytics with the custom coding generated detailed results immediately. This not only provided insights into the effectiveness of each digital campaign but vastly improved the understanding of marketing strategies and campaign sources based on the incoming data.  More importantly we can measure user behavior and conversion data. With those numbers, we are a step closer to measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns and better evaluating where to spend our time, effort, and marketing dollars effectively.  This initiative goes a long way towards helping the Sands discover how customers respond to each media source and the campaign.


“Customizing our resorts’ analytics has greatly improved our marketing metrics and allowed us to invest our marketing budget wisely.” – Kenneth Metcalfe CFO Sands Resorts

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