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Warwick International Hotels



Warwick International Hotels now includes more than 55 prestigious Hotels, Resorts & Spas worldwide located in city centers and resort destinations in the United States, Europe, Asia, Bali, the South Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.


At the beginning of 2015, Warwick was looking to significantly enhance and centralize their email marketing programs after they had been suffering from greatly reduced open rates and diminished conversions. Overall this translated in less than optimum exposure and results on a corporate, regional and property level, specifically since 60% of the Warwick subscribers and guests used mobile devices for their email engagement.


Warwick International Hotels partnered with NewMedia Digital to develop a sophisticated email-marketing program to address this challenge. They were looking to change their email marketing strategy after they had been suffering from reduced open rates and low conversions. Overall this translated into a loss of revenue for the hotel. Warkwick International Hotels partnered with NewMedia Digital to develop a comprehensive sophisticated email marketing program.


NewMedia Digital put together a plan to redesign and code all email marketing templates both on a corporate and property level. This approach used innovative responsive design and coding targeting offers and newsletters.



During the promotion, we created the following email templates with a responsive design:


  • Leisure Newsletter
  • Leisure Corporate
  • Meetings and Events
  • Travel Agents Marketing
  • Property Target Offers
  • Property Announcements
  • Spa Offers
  • Restaurant and Amenity Opportunities


In addition to the above, NewMedia Digital carried out the following in order to optimize conversion and effectiveness of the overall program:


  • “Cleaned” and centralized database on a corporate, regional and property level
  • Organized the Warwick database for enhanced segmentation and personalization
  • Leveraged a “best of breed” email service provider, NewMedia Connect, for optimal deliverability with sophisticated metrics



The major factor of these results was contributed by responsive design and email coding making it easier for consumers to open an email and book a reservation.


  • Open rates increased by 100% from a median of 10% to 20%
  • Median Click Rates opened from 7% to 11% collection wide
  • Mobile specifically rose 1000% from 1% to 10% for metrics and revenue


Moreover, leveraging elegant designs with proper coding utilizing email marketing best practices realized message continuity for Warwick International Hotels consistent with their global branding. Overtime, this will most certainly affect a steady climb in revenue as the integrity of messaging and database lifetime value is enhanced.

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