5 Mobile Marketing Facts That Could Save Your Business

Mobile should always be the top priority when creating and implementing a marketing strategy for your business. Many people know the importance of mobile marketing but have not started taking the steps to get their business mobile friendly. We’re here to tell you some incredible mobile marketing stats that you need to know, and why your company should be thinking with a mobile mindset!

 80% of online consumers have a smartphone

This number shouldn’t take you by surprise. If you go out to a restaurant and take a glance around, the majority of people are looking down at their phone. Today, online consumers will use their smartphone more than a PC when it comes to searching the web. Mobile is typically the first impression a customer will get from your company, so make it a good one.

 4 out of 5 consumers use a smartphone to shop

The top retailers on mobile are Amazon, eBay, Target, Apple, and Best Buy. If your company doesn’t have a mobile site, then the consumer is more likely to click off the site and head over to a competitor. A user-friendly experience is critical in keeping customers around.

70% of mobile searches lead to an online action within an hour

Mobile searches are highly effective when it comes to the consumer’s journey. The top mobile searches are for e-commerce sites, new websites, and media or visual sites. Consumers are 40% more likely to move onto the next site if it isn’t mobile friendly. That is potentially a huge piece of business to lose. Keep in mind that while your company site may look great on a desktop, it must fit the mobile guidelines too.

 40% of shoppers will search 3 or more channels before making a purchase

It is important to have your brand show up consistently online. Consumers tend to shop around to find the best reviews and price when it comes to making a purchase. If you have a remarketing plan, then your business is more likely to continue to show up across platforms and have that top of mind awareness influence.

70% of users will delete an email that does not render well on mobile

If your email campaign doesn’t show up well on mobile, prepare for it to go to the trash. More than 62% of consumers will open their email on their phone before a PC. A company can risk cutting their email list in half if it is not mobile-friendly. Consumers don’t want to take the time to try and read the tiny print on an email.

Mobile has a huge impact on everything your company does when it comes to online marketing. The biggest question a marketer should always ask is, will it work on mobile? If the answer is no, then it should be adjusted. Delivering a great mobile experience is crucial to connect with your customer.

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