Google’s “Mobile-Geddon” is HERE! Can your website survive?

If your website’s not responsive, Google’s new update has your website and profits taking a big hit. 

On Tuesday, April 21, Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm that will change the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their phone. In other words, if your site is not “mobile” friendly you’re going to the back of the line! This new update, called “Mobile-Geddon”, is already having major revenue effects on companies across the globe. But never fear, your NewMedia Digital team is here!

This algorithm will start favoring mobile-friendly websites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on) and ranking them higher in search. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will get demoted. Is your business ready? Click here and test your website with this free tool to see if you have mobile friendly design.

Your company needs to respond now to “Mobile-Geddon” to minimize any potential lost revenue in the coming months. At NewMedia Digital, our best recommendation on how to respond to this Google update is, Responsive Design!


Responsive designs share common content across multiple devices:

  • Content is the same no matter the device’s screen size.
  • Style, color, branding, etc are the same or similar across all devices.
  • Layout adapts to the screen size with optionally specified minimum and/or maximum widths(usually using CSS3 media queries)

As discussed in our previous blog, mobile is taking over the future of digital marketing. Responsive design automatically displays the correct size based on the users device and will make the web pages viewable and user-friendly. This design ensures that your text, pages and link spacing fit accordingly to the size of the screen. Here are the top benefits of having a responsive website:

  • Cost Effective – There is a huge advantage when a company has a single site that corresponds to the needs of all devices. Ultimately, one website costs less than two.
  • Manageable – When a company has a separate mobile and desktop site, it requires having two SEO campaigns. Creating one responsive site and one SEO campaign is much more simple and time efficient.
  • Flexible and User-Friendly – All responsive websites are fluid, which means the content moves freely across all devices and screens. Companies can achieve the same result with their web content on any platform. In addition to flexibility, it provides the optimal user experience.

Don’t let “Mobile-Geddon” stand in your way of success. We’re sure you have questions and NewMedia Digital is here to help. Our team of digital experts are ready to help you develop a strategy and make the migration to a mobile friendly and responsive design. Give us a call today at 843.916.4544, or visit our website and let’s get started!

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