To grow a business, you must invest in content marketing. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, and it helps differentiate your brand from the competition. Content marketing is something that brands can no longer ignore and now is the time to implement a strategy. Creating a content marketing strategy can be overwhelming with where to begin, how much money to spend and the amount of energy put into it. Here are ten content marketing tips to help your brand:

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media – Social Media channels are the perfect place to cross –promote your content. With the number of active users on each platform, this is a great way to reach a larger audience. Whether you link to a special deal on your website, a blog post or an event coming up. Social Media is made for sharing excellent content.
  1. Create Evergreen Content – Marketers are adding evergreen content into strategies daily to keep consistent and relevant content flowing. Evergreen content can be shared easily and is not dependent on a time of year, event or something special happening. It always remains useful to the reader.
  1. Tell Your Story – It’s as simple as that. Become a writer and share your brand’s story with the world.
  1. Smart Keyword Search – Before you begin writing your content, it is crucial to do a smart keyword search. These keywords will help you understand what your audience is searching and make the content easy to find.
  1. Produce Exciting Titles – No one is going to click on a blog post or article that has a dull title. It’s important to create a title that has meaning to the consumer and will draw them in, making them want to click to read more.
  1. Keep it Relatable & Easy To Read – This goes back to an earlier tip, tell your story. When you are writing your brand’s story be sure to keep it relatable and make it an easy read. Trust is built when a consumer can relate to a brand and feel on the same level with them.
  1. Make it Shareable – When you are creating your content you have to say to yourself, “So What?” Does this article have relevance, substance and is it significant to others? If the answer is yes, then your consumers are going to be more likely to share it with their friends.
  1. Optimize SEO – Don’t forget to have your search engine optimization ready to go when you are investing in content. SEO is a very important part of having everything strategically placed when it comes to content marketing. If you are producing great content, then you want it to be searchable.
  1. Ask Your Audience What They Want – This can be done easily through social media, email or on the website. It’s always great to get customer feedback and see what type of content they are looking for with the brand.
  1. Consistency and Quality – Always be consistent and produce quality content. Be sure to put a plan and strategy into place when it comes to developing your content. While it’s important to be consistent, you must remember quality over quantity, making sure the content is factual and relatable.

Today content marketing strategies are critical to a businesses success. It’s important to put a plan in place and have all of your content aligned. Not sure where to start with your content marketing plan? Give us a call at 843-916-4544 today!

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