10 Digital Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Digital marketing myths are created daily, as the advertising industry becomes more innovative with online marketing. With digital marketing still being relatively new, many people remain in the dark about the actual truths of successful online marketing campaigns. Now is the time to learn fact from myth and be guided down the correct path. Here are 10 digital marketing myths you need to stop believing.

Digital Marketing Myth #1 – All You Need Is Digital Marketing

This myth is 100% false. Digital marketing is highly important to a brand; however it should be viewed as one part of the overall marketing plan. It’s important to mix traditional and digital marketing as one, both with equal importance. Many consumers are going online for information, reviews and purchases. However, there is still a large audience reading magazines, buying the newspaper and seeing your billboard.

Digital Marketing Myth #2 – Content Marketing Isn’t That Important

Many businesses believe that once their website is up and running, the work is finished. In order to make the most of your digital marketing campaign, your website must have relevant content updated as much as possible. Having consistent content not only helps you rank higher on search engines, but it sends a positive message to your target audience. Your customers will notice if your last blog post was nearly a year ago giving them the feeling you aren’t interested in their loyalty.

Digital Marketing Myth #3 – Digital Marketing Can’t Track To Storefront Sales

A while ago this myth may have been slightly true, but with the new software and techniques, this is wrong. As the advertising world changes so do the techniques and software, marketing professionals use to track actual sales. Any business can combine online and offline marketing transactions to get a real figure that shows the overall effect of the digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Myth #4 – One Social Media Profile Is Enough

There are many popular social media platforms out there and numerous ways to connect with current and potential customers. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each outlet gives you access to a wider audience. If a consumer can’t find you on a social network, then you are missing out.

Digital Marketing Myth #5 – There’s No Personalization In Your Messages

Today more than ever, companies can create personalization in ways never thought possible. Digital marketing ads can be created to attract a very specific consumer. With the correct tools and software, ads can be changed so that it appears relevant to the person who receives it.

Digital Marketing Myth #6 – SEO Is Dead

Search engine optimization is far from dead and is now more important than ever. With the number of websites and content that exist, it’s critical to have a good SEO campaign in place. SEO allows you to attract people halfway across the world as well as locals with the right strategy. There are consistently new robot capabilities picking apart content and ranking it by relevance for searchers.

Digital Marketing Myth #7 – My Competition Isn’t Online, So I Don’t Need To Be

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing. If your competition isn’t online this simply means you are one step ahead of them. Just because your competitors aren’t taking the necessary steps to remain relevant doesn’t mean you should allow your business to make the same mistake. Not being online means missing out on a whole world of new customers you can potentially reach.

Digital Marketing Myth #8 – Negative Reviews Online Are Bad For Business

Any customer concerns on your product or service should definitely be addressed and considered opportunities to improve and educate. There is a process for handling negative reviews online, and it is something that can’t be ignored. Taking the time to respond to the customer and assuring you care about their loyalty can make a huge difference in the company reputation.

Digital Marketing Myth #9 – Consumers On Mobile Do Not Convert

A customer may be less likely to go through a lengthy checkout process while on their mobile phone. It’s important to have a mobile-friendly version of any forms you are asking a consumer to fill out; otherwise, you will not have successful conversions. Also, it’s important to have a short form on a mobile device.

Digital Marketing Myth #10 – Remarketing Is Creepy

Retargeting can be on the verge of creepy if you ignore the best practices. However, if it is done right, there will be great success. It helps re-engage consumers and keep your brand on the top of their mind.

There are plenty of digital marketing myths out there, and there will be more added to the list over time. Online marketing can be scary to a brand because it is new. However, with the right strategy, it is sure to help your business grow in ways you never expected.

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