How to Successfully Navigate your Cyber Marketing Strategy

Thanksgiving is a holiday spent gathering with family and friends and celebrating together over a hearty meal. For businesses, this holiday isn’t merely just a one day ordeal. There are two other days that occur right after Thanksgiving that are very significant – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday following Thanksgiving that encourages consumers to shop deals online. What’s the best way to reach your customers to let them know about the specials you’re offering that day? With an email campaign. If you have no clue where to start or are searching for ways to make your email campaign bigger and better than last year – this is where NewMedia Digital in Myrtle Beach steps in. We specialize in email marketing and will help you not only create and design an effective campaign, but make sure it’s successful by keeping these important factors in mind:

Know the Customer
One of the basic concepts of successful marketing is understanding the target audience (aka the customer) you’re trying to reach. Before you even begin, you should have a clear idea of who you’re trying to reach. From there, the focus of your design concept, copy and images should all reflect this demographic.

Creating the message is like putting together a puzzle. You have to have all the pieces of your campaign in order to present the whole picture to the customer so they will understand what you’re selling. The header image should be eye catching and include the offer. The body copy should be clear, concise and engaging. Also, even if you include the offers in the header image, make sure to still include all offers in the text for those customers whose images won’t open with images automatically.

Strong Call to Action
Part of having an effective message is having a strong call to action. It’s not enough to simply say “Click Here” or “Submit”. There should be clear, jargon-free phrase with action verbs. To make it eye-catching, you can place the phrase in an icon that’s in a different color or shape. But don’t assume just because you incorporate a button style icon that the customer knows to click on it. Make sure to clarify using text so the customer knows what offer to redeem and where to take action (where to click). Finally, make sure it’s clear what will happen and where the link will send them, so they more likely to engage with the call to action.

Stay Ahead of the Competition
There will be tons of businesses competing for the attention of consumers surrounding Cyber Monday. Therefore it’s critical to be the first to send out an email. An idea is to extend the sale so that it lasts longer than a day. By opening it up to the days right before Cyber Monday, not only does your email beat the competition because you’re starting your sale early, but your customer feels valued – like they’re getting a “first look” or “insider information”. Another key factor in staying ahead is making sure your offer is better than the competition. When you work with NewMedia, we’re constantly doing competitor analysis in various industries so we are aware of what’s on trend and what is/isn’t working.

Mobile Friendly
According to Litmus, as of July 2017, 51% of email is now opened on a mobile device. The way an email displays on a computer versus a mobile device varies greatly. If you’re not careful, parts of the message could be cut off or not display correctly. Therefore it’s imperative that your email campaign be mobile-friendly. At NewMedia, we design email campaigns with mobile in mind, guaranteeing the email will display correctly when opened by your customer – no matter what device they are using.

As they say “Timing is everything” – and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to deploying an email campaign as well. It would be such a waste to design an amazing email campaign – only for it to go unopened because it gets lost in an inbox. Emails shouldn’t just randomly be sent out. It’s important to hit your customers when they’re available. NewMedia can help make sure this happens. Our agency doesn’t just finish coding and hit send. We spend hours studying analytics and determining the send times that have the highest open rates.

Now that you have the basic ideas of what goes into creating an email campaign, give us a call so that we can work with you on concepting an effective Cyber Sale email campaign in time for the big holiday.

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