‘Swipe Up’ for more information. Ask me a question. If you use Instagram, you know these are just a few of the updates made to Instagram that became popular in 2018. At NewMedia, we believe these updates are only going to continue to take off in 2019.

We’ve watched as Instagram changed the game of shopping on its’ platform. By introducing the Shoppable widget, businesses and influencers are able to tag products in posts so consumers can easily click on a product to see more information about that product. You can view the name of the product and the price. If you’re really interested and click on the bubble with the information, it links you to a landing page where you can view on the product on a website and purchase it. This update has made it not only more convenient for consumers to purchase products, but for businesses to drive potential customers to their website.


Although you can’t directly buy from Instagram just yet … we have a feeling that option might be in the very near future.

New Instagram Update Allows You to Post to Multiple Accounts at Once

Calling all social media managers! Instagram’s finally introduced a new update with us in mind!  To make our job easier, we can now publish a single post across multiple profiles at one time.


The new feature will allow you to upload a photo like normal; compose a caption, tag others, add a location, and then post to any other accounts you’re logged into. Testing for this feature was spotted back in December and is yet another update geared toward business accounts with a larger audience.

For social media managers, will this new feature become a friend or a foe? The benefits of posting simultaneously to multiple accounts is great for saving time and promoting sales or company updates across all your profiles. But is sharing the EXACT same message in the EXACT same way beneficial to the audiences who follow all or some of your accounts? Posting across multiple profiles will mean that if someone follows more than one of those accounts, they will see the same message more than once.  

It’s now even easier to share information on Instagram. Simply put a snippet of what you’re sharing to customers, and entice them a ‘Swipe Up’ where they can find out more about what you’re selling. This is perfect for followers with large fan bases (you have to have more than 10K followers), but your average individual with a personal account might be feeling a little FOMO.  

Are you planning on using the new simplifying Instagram update for your accounts? Here’s a look at the updated method of sharing a post below.

Instagram Stories

Watch out Snapchat! Instagram Stories became incredibly popular all throughout 2018. By posting a photo or video on your Instagram Story, your followers can see what you’re doing in real time, but only for 24 hours. Similar to Snapchat, users can personalize Stories with text, images, location, and artwork.


Then Instagram took it a step further with the introduction of ‘Instagram Story Highlights’. This allows users to customize their profile categorizing previous Stories and put them on display with the simple click of an icon. This is a unique, interactive way for a brand to show off it’s personality as well as showcase its’ products and services.  


Stories also give the personal consumer a fun new way to connect with friends and followers online. You have the ability to add a sticker to your story, ask a question, run a poll, or even share your new favorite music. Counting down until a big event? Use the countdown sticker to show time left until a birthday, product launch, or even just Happy Hour! With these new features on Instagram Stories, brands and social media influencers appear more relatable and casually connect with their followers and show off more authentic moments in their own lives.


Time limits are a thing of the past! IGTV, which launched in 2018, gave everyone the opportunity to upload vertical video content that exceeds the past one-minute time limit in posts. Videos uploaded to IGTV can be up to one hour long! The vertical dimensions of the videos make it mobile-friendly and means you don’t have to flip your phone horizontally to enjoy the show.


Each account can activate their own channel, just like on TV, which is ideal for influencers and brands to show off new and visually appealing content. While watching a video, you can easily swipe up to see more recommendations made just for you based on who you’re following.

These are just a few of the updates that Instagram has made and we’re excited to see how Instagram only continues to improve in 2019!


All these updates have you thinking about making some changes to your marketing strategy? Are you ready to reach your customers in a whole new way in 2019? It’s time to go where they are – and that means connecting socially, on platforms like Instagram. At NewMedia Digital we’ve got a team of social media experts just teeming with ideas. Give us a call today and let us help you strategize the best ways to utilize Instagram to communicate your brand’s message to your current audience, as well reach even more consumers.

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