Gone are the days where a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s social world, particularly on Facebook, video is grabbing all the attention – literally. According to SproutSocial, on average, Facebook generates more than 8 billion daily views of video content and more than 100 million video hours are watched per day. Not only are these videos getting views on Facebook feed, they’re getting tons of engagement. Even though video only makes up around 3% of the content on this social platform, according to AdWeek, it’s more engaged in than any other type of post. And it’s shared more than 89.5 times more than other content on Facebook – which makes it the most shared type of content on Facebook.

What do all these stats mean for your company? If you’re not already including video in your social strategy – than you need to add it. Video isn’t going anywhere and is only going to increase in popularity as updates are made and streaming continues to improve. Video marketing is the perfect way to give your brand a voice. Whether it’s delving deeper into the products your company offers, highlighting special features of your restaurant, or the hottest new attraction near your resort – there are multiple reasons why video should be added to your marketing strategy. At NewMedia Digital, we specialize in video as part of our social media marketing and have a team dedicated to creating unique videos that will help you get noticed.

Capturing the Magic

We offer a wide range of styles when it comes to video production. From drone work to the highest definition DSLR steady camera, we have all the tools necessary to capture every detail. From storyboarding the video, crafting a script to personally selecting the perfect music to accompany your video, our team prides ourselves on our customization. We also offer Facebook Live Videos. Whether it be a renovation to a building, revealing a behind-the-scenes look at a process or introduction to something new – Facebook Live Videos are a great way to interact with your customers in real time.  

Where It Goes

Once the video is filmed and edited, our social media team gets to work. Your video is uploaded to your YouTube channel with the appropriate tags added to increase the likelihood of being found on organic searches. Having your company branded video show up in a Google search and having appropriate links means a consumer will be more likely to engage with your company since they don’t have to leave YouTube to find your website. Your video is also posted to Facebook directly. It’s better to upload to directly Facebook when posting because according to Social Bakers, a native Facebook video has 10 times higher viral reach than a shareable YouTube link. From there you can add money to the video post, better known in the social world as boosting, and increase the reach and chance of engagement. Part of the services offered by NewMedia Digital is Facebook Ad Management, which is another perfect place to utilize your videos.

Press Play

The NewMedia Digital video team is excited about the possibility of curating videos for your company that gives your marketing a new voice. We offer a variety of plans that are suitable for all budgets. Videos, in particular social videos, are on the rise and you don’t want to get left behind. Give us a call today!

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