We’re live people!

No pressure, but no matter how much planning goes into a Facebook Live video, it’s just that; LIVE. You won’t be able to edit out any mistakes. But that’s also the beauty of a video shot and streamed simultaneously. Your audience receives authentic content that gives them a real-time look inside an event, or a peek behind the scenes.

Why should your company ‘Go Live’?

Whether you’re a hotel that wants to give an inside look at one of their renovated oceanfront hotel rooms, a jewelry company giving a Q&A with their viewers about a brand new necklace or a restaurant teaching their customers on how to make their favorite appetizer – Facebook Live videos are a way to connect with your customers. It’s an opportunity to connect with them in real-time as they can comment and interact with you during the video. Plus these videos are shown beyond your typical audience so there’s potential to gain even more followers.

Grabbing exclusive behind the scenes footage at a new restaurant or attraction in Myrtle Beach can make for an exciting and popular live video. Maybe your audience wants to see a beautiful sunset walk on the beach before booking their vacation to the Grand Strand. Facebook live videos are a great way to figure out what your audience wants and keep your content interesting and fresh!

How do I plan a Facebook Live video?

Although the actual footage may be streaming in real-time, that doesn’t mean you have to film completely off the cuff. There should be some planning done before you push the ‘Live’ button. When working with our social media team, we’ll share the insider tips and tricks of a successful Facebook Live video. Make sure to strategize the goal of the video, the subject matter and how you’ll navigate through filming. Scope out your location and make sure to limit background noise. If you’re doing a Q&A, even though some of it may be unscripted for authenticity, at least jot down a few key questions to get the ball rolling as your audience builds.

Now that you’re ready to film, before the day of your video, be sure to publish a Facebook post before the video streams. This allows fans and followers the opportunity to tune in when we go live. Viewers can subscribe to your live posts and get a notification whenever you stream a live video on Facebook.

After you’re done filming your Facebook Live video and it’s published to your page, you can go back and edit the title, post description, and add tagging. Make sure to add the appropriate tags so your video can show up in searches. You’re also able to edit the cover photo of your video, so make sure to change it to something that’s visually appealing and eye-catching.

At NewMedia Digital, our social team is organized and always brainstorming of fresh content ideas and how to generate buzz for your business. We keep up with current events in Myrtle Beach and stay on trend with trendy, new places. Depending on your brand and strategy, we’ll help select the best locations for you Facebook live videos to stream on your Facebook account. Contact us today and let us help change the way you engage with your audience on social media!

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