It’s hard to believe after 7 seasons, Game of Thrones is days away from airing it’s final, and highly anticipated, 8th season. If you’re a GOT fan, you know all about the Nine Great Houses in Westeros, the intricate storyline and the frustration of not being able to get too attached to any character. Just as all the kingdoms defended their honor, so you ‘defend’ your namesake, aka your brand. Even though the show is fictional, the basic ‘survival of the fittest’ plot line can be applied to how you create your social media plan.

1. Surround Yourself with Smart Advisors

Like any prosperous ruler heads the advice of his right hand and council, it’s important to find knowledgeable sources. You are an expert at your brand and need to surround yourself with experts in the field of social media marketing in order to make your brand successful. And that’s where a full service marketing agency – like NewMedia Digital – steps in. We work with you to develop a creative and strategic social media plan and utilize our tools of content creation, video, and social media management.

2. Understand What People Want

Just like the king wouldn’t be anything without the subjects of his kingdom, your brand wouldn’t be anywhere without your customers. In today’s world where technology is replacing face to face and changing the way relationships are formed, customers are expecting even more out of customer service. Social platforms are making it easier to correspond with customers and increasing communication – making it easier to listen to what they want. Facebook and Instagram Live both give you a chance to interact with your customers in real time. Unsure about a new product your launching? Put it in your Instagram stories and see how your target audience responds. Remember, paying attention to your customers = Brand Loyalty.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Enemies

When you team up with NewMedia, you can concentrate on enhancing your brand while we focus on the competition. We’re constantly researching and keeping up with the trends so we can make sure we have the most up-to-date tools. We strive to stay ahead of the competition. Considering drone for video? We have that. Ever thought about going LIVE on Facebook? We can help you achieve this. In a saturated market – NewMedia is here to equip you with the tools to succeed in the battlefield – aka the social world.

4. Always Pay Your Debts

In other words, have a budget so you don’t create any debt to pay off. No matter how big or small you budget, NewMedia can work with you to create a customized social media plan. Although the larger the amount to spend, the better, you don’t necessarily need a grandiose budget to succeed socially. You’d be surprised how far a small about of money can go on Facebook. We’re experts in the field of Facebook Ad Management. Plus we have the right tools to measure the results of all the campaigns in detail and review these with you to ensure we’re optimizing results with the most effective strategy.

5. Be Prepared -- Winter is Coming

Just as Westeros can’t avoid the inevitable darkness of the Winter coming, unfortunately the doom of negative publicity can’t be avoided. But you can head the Starks warning and be prepared. You can’t make everyone happy and there will be those customers that lash out on social media. Make sure to have a customer service team ready to respond to negative comments and respond back immediately to unhappy customers. When your brand makes a wrong move, have your PR team ready with an appropriate response. Your company’s reputation is important and you want to ensure you have a game plan ready for when ‘Winter’ comes.

In the battle for the throne, there’s no better ally than NewMedia Digital to help you conquer the social kingdom. Choose wisely and call us today.

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