In a technology-driven era where streaming television shows is the norm, customers are scrolling through Facebook constantly and the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ is used daily, you may think the future of direct marketing is bleak. But direct marketing isn’t going away anytime soon, and you should definitely continue to include it in your marketing strategy.

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that involves communicating with your customer directly through a variety of media including email marketing, websites, point of sale, magazine advertisements, and outdoor advertising. Also known as direct response marketing, it’s a form of targeted advertising that utilizes a strong call-to-action. The specific audience is selected by means of an email database, mail list, etc.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why you should keep direct marketing in your marketing strategy.

  1. Optimize Marketing Budget
    Direct marketing is an ideal option for those marketing on a tight budget. It allows you to create a successful marketing campaign without breaking the bank. For example, mailing lists are very affordable. Marketing is all about ROI and direct marketing is a cost effective marketing solution that allows you to know exactly how much your spending. And it’s simple to make adjustments.
  2. Build Customer Relationships
    Direct marketing gives you the opportunity to control and tailor your message to the audience you’re trying to reach. It’s easy to keep in touch and let them know about promotions, sales, and upcoming events. Email campaigns can be personalized so that the customer’s name is inserted in the email copy. Direct marketing allows you to continue the conversation with your current customers building customer loyalty, as well as reach new and potential customers.
  3. Easy to Measure
    With direct marketing, you results are easy to track and measure. You know exactly how many customers you’ve reached, the response you’ve received, as well as the amount of money you’ve spent on each customer. With email marketing campaigns you’re able to know the open rate, click rate within the email, and so many details that allow you to adjust what you’re doing for the next email you create and send out.

NewMedia Digital is a full service agency in Myrtle Beach whose creative team is dedicated to generating dynamic direct marketing strategies that are unique and cost effective. We know how to create a postcard that pops, an interactive email, a thumb-stopping magazine ad and an attention grabbing billboard. No matter what your budget, we’ll work with you to develop a marketing strategy tailored to your brand. If you’re ready to grow your business and partner with us, let’s chat.

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