Facebook, Mobile Advertising and Why You Need To Be In The Game

If you’re a brand and not utilizing Facebook, you’re missing out.

In 2014, Zuck and company had 1.4 billion global users and raked in $12.5 billion in revenue.

And, the dominant social platform’s mobile sales were a driver behind this cash boom. Throughout the year, they continued to skyrocket, accounting for 69% of its total advertising business.

In just the fourth quarter, Facebook did $3.6 billion in total ad sales, which was a 53% year over year increase. The key to this cash-in was with holiday marketers looking to rack up retail revenues with social News Feed ads.

Of course, these sales were greatly helped due to the rising global user base that now sits at approximately 1.4 billion monthly active users. And these users helped push video views to more than three billion (!) daily.

In truly staying social, Facebook credited the explosion in video advertising to users who are posting more videos, too.

According to AdWeek, ad industry watchers have said that—in the first part of 2015—budgets continue to accelerate aggressively in Facebook’s direction.

There’s no doubt that being the lead dog in the social media race helps generate revenue for Facebook, but have you thought about how placing your bets (in this case, your ad dollars) on that lead dog?

The great thing about going with Facebook ads is marketers (with the right skill and panache) can really drill down to reach the key audience they’re after. Whether it’s demographic, A/S/L or interest, the waste in spend is near nil due to advanced targeting options.

The time has never been better to step up, place your bets and get ready to collect at the pay window. So, what are you waiting for?

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