Eight Ways To Advertise Your Brand With Facebook Ads

Did you know that there are 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook? If your business isn’t advertising on Facebook, then you are missing a huge opportunity!

The numbers speak for themselves on Facebook, and more companies are starting to take advantage and advertise on the network. Every company should have a social media budget and strategy within their overall marketing plan.

So, why are more and more brands increasing their social spending and moving away from traditional advertising channels? It’s simple: Facebook Advertising works.

There are eight types of Facebook ads that brands can utilize depending on the objective and goals they are trying to reach. These ads will appear in a person’s newsfeed or the right-hand side of Facebook, depending on which device they are using. Here’s a rundown of each and how your brand can benefit.

Page Like Ads

It’s as simple as it sounds. The objective here is to get a Facebook user to like your business page. Once a person has liked your page, your posts will begin to show in their newsfeed. The more fans you have, the larger of an audience you can potentially reach with your page updates.


Page Post Engagement

Many people refer to this objective as a boosted post. The ultimate goal is to get a larger audience to see your Facebook post and engage with it. Engagement can include liking, commenting or sharing the post. Over the years, there have been many changes to the news feed due to algorithm updates. Because of these changes, brands can’t rely solely on organic reach anymore. A boosted post is best used for those high priority messages like updates, specials and events.


Website Clicks & Conversions

Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Does your brand have that special deal or sale happening? If so, this Facebook ad objective is for you. Brands can optimize their ad to get users to take specific actions on their website. These website clicks ads can include a button on the ad that create a bigger CTA including shop now, book now, download, and learn more.


Event Responses

So, you’ve added your open house event to your Facebook page, now what? It’s time to promote it! If your business is looking for a large turnout, then you will want to get your event in front of as many eyes as possible. Facebook users have the opportunity to RSVP to the event directly from their device.


Offer Claims

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a great deal or discount when it comes to buying something. With this objective brands can promote special deals and have users claim them directly on Facebook. Brands can become very specific with how many deals they’d like to give away and to whom they want to reach.


Video Views

If you haven’t already heard, video is taking over! Video on Facebook is perfect for telling your story and getting people to learn something new about your business, creating how-to tips or behind the scenes footage. With video views you can also add a call to action like shop now, book now, learn more, sign up and download.


App Engagement & App Installs

Do you have a mobile app available for download? If you’re looking to create more awareness of your mobile app, then this objective is for you. Facebook fans can be linked right to the app through this ad. If fans already have your app downloaded, then you can generate more engagement with this objective.


Your brand can benefit through any of these Facebook advertising objectives, depending on the end goal you have in mind. It’s all about creating initial brand awareness, which can potentially lead to a conversion.

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