5 Social Media Tips for The Holiday Season

As brands prepare for the holidays, you can expect to see social media play an even bigger role in their marketing efforts this year than last. We all know that social media has a huge impact on consumers and now is the time to implement those holiday marketing campaigns.

Here are five tips on how to leverage your social media channels this holiday season to help boost awareness, drive traffic and increase sales.

1.) Reviews on Product Pages – According to a recent study, 92% of consumers trust earned media over all other forms of advertising. Products reviews can help your business stand out. When you have reviews on your Facebook page, it shows credibility and helps customers see the value in your business. Plus, 88% of consumers trust online reviews.

2.) Mobile-Friendly Experience – It’s important to consider how your social media content will appear on a mobile device, especially when linking back to your website. Nearly 45% of holiday traffic last year came from mobile devices. This percentage of traffic is a combination of emails, pay-per-click and social media. If a consumer isn’t happy with the mobile experience, they are likely to click out and continue searching.

3.) Retargeting Campaigns – Many consumers begin researching months in advance for their holiday purchases. Facebook and Twitter give brands the ability to create and serve ads to those people who have already visited the website. It’s a great way to keep top of mind awareness.

4.) Make Social Sharing Easy – The easier it is for someone to share your content the better. Whether they are sharing it to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, they want to remember your product. It’s an easy way for the consumer to go back later and review what they have found.

5.) Create A Holiday Contest – There’s nothing better than seeing people participate in a contest and get excited on social media. You can create a holiday photo contest or have them answer fun holiday-related trivia for a prize. Overall it keeps fans engaged and coming back to visit your social pages.

It’s important to have a social media strategy during the holiday season. There are many potential customers your business can reach on multiple social platforms. Planning for the holiday shopping season can be stressful, but planning a social media strategy will ultimately make your brand a success during the season.


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