Tips to Enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy on Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the biggest shopping season of the year is coming up. This year Black Friday will be November 27th, and Cyber Monday falls on November 30th. A strong digital marketing strategy has a huge impact during Cyber Monday and brings in online sales, an increase in website traffic and overall brand exposure. Here are the top ways to enhance your strategy to help with maximum sales on Cyber Monday.

  • Video Ads – Video is still growing and a great way to show awareness of sales and promotions to potential buyers. People love to watch videos, especially on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to showcase your products and now is the time to take advantage of the tool. Your brand can create behind the scenes clips, new product launches, holidays deals and more.
  • Generate Landing Pages – Create and setup multiple landing pages to support a specific product and the deals associated with each. It’s much more effective to send the potential buyer to a landing page as opposed to the homepage of your website. Overall it will help minimize distractions and keep them focused on a specific call to action. Once they have purchased, you can send them back to the website.
  • Seamless Customer Experience – Take the time to look at your website, blog, social media pages and emails before Cyber Monday. It’s important to ensure that each platform is consistent, and the content matches across the board. This includes logos, key words, headers and descriptions. A potential customer will value and trust your brand more when they see consistency.
  • Create Specials and Deals – Once you’ve decided on which specials and deals you want to feature, take the time to promote them across the board. Don’t give out specific details, but create teasers that excite your audience and get them ready for Cyber Monday. This can be done through your blog, website, email and social media pages. Don’t forget, Cyber Monday is all about who has the best deal, so make it a good one!
  • Know Your Audience – The more you know about your audience, the greater success you will have. It’s important to reach your target audience on the correct platform with the right product. If your audience is not active on Pinterest, it won’t make sense to create a giveaway on the platform. Do the research beforehand and know where your audience is online, what they are talking about and what interests them the most.

Are you ready to have a killer Cyber Monday and generate leads, sales and new customers? Follow these simple steps and you will have great success.

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