Snapping photos, sharing to stories, watching videos – society thrives on staying ahead of the trend and are more connected to what’s happening right now than ever before. Last year Facebook released a powerful new feature called Facebook Live. According to Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, Facebook Live “is like having a TV camera in your pocket”. And it’s not just for the general public, companies are starting to utilize it on their Facebook pages as well. But why should you add this tool to your social strategy? And how?

What it is
Facebook Live allows brands and companies to share their story with the largest audience in the world. Although all you need is a mobile phone, you want to make sure to put your video in the hands of experts. There are certain tools and special equipment available that they use to make sure you have the highest quality video when broadcasting live. Once the “Go Live” button is clicked, your followers are notified that you’re broadcasting live and can tune in. And the story doesn’t disappear, it is posted to your page so followers can watch it at a later time.

Although it’s a simple process, the strategy behind the content you’re posting is key. You don’t want to film just anything and need to choose content that is not only engaging, but gives customers a unique experience. It’s important to not only include a description that entices people to watch your video, but to post an announcement of when you’re going live and tease up viewers will see.

Some ideas of times to go live:
Behind the scenes (such as how a dish is made at your restaurant)
Sneak peak/teaser (show the features of a new product about to be release)
Current location

Is this live video going to break the bank? Far from it. Facebook Live is perfect for any size marketing budget because it’s free. And the best part is, Facebook isn’t currently charging for the size audience you are able to reach. Normally when you boost and put money behind a post, the audience you can potentially reach directly correlates with the size of your audience. Facebook Live blasts your video to everyone, so not only are your current followers keeping up but it’s a great way to gain new followers as well.

Next Step
Don’t underestimate the power of this simple tool. You don’t have to “Go Live” all the time, but strategically adding a few Facebook Live videos to your monthly posts will not allow you to engage in real time with current followers, but can help you gain a whole new set of followers.
At NewMedia, we’re always thinking of creative ways to engage our clients’ customers with video content. Give us a call today at 843.916.4544 and we’ll get started on a social strategy that includes Facebook Live, to help you successfully connect with your customers instantly.

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