Drive Foot Traffic With Facebook Local Ads

These days, it’s becoming more difficult for small business owners to reach fans organically on Facebook, because of the constant algorithm updates. Now more than ever it is important to incorporate a Facebook advertising budget into your overall marketing plan.

Last October, Facebook came out with a new way to drive foot traffic to any small business with local awareness ads. This ad feature allows you to target by geographic radius. We’re here to tell you about how your business can utilize these ads and drive traffic to your retail space

How does it work?

Setting up a local awareness ad is extremely similar to setting up any other type of Facebook ad. The first steps are to enter the address of the business, set the radius of which you’d like to target (5+ miles, etc.), and then select the gender and age range. Upon finishing these steps, you will be able to select a budget, photo, length of time, and a meaningful message directed toward customers close by.

Also, there are two very useful buttons available – “Call Now” and “Get Directions.” The “Call Now” button allows potential customers to contact your business directly with any questions. The “Get Directions” will launch a map in the user’s smartphone and get them straight to your door. All smartphone users must have their location services turned on to receive these ads.

How will someone see these ads?

Let’s say a group of girlfriends decides to go out shopping for the day. While they are out buying new things and having a great time, one of the girls grabs their smartphone and begins scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed. After scrolling for a bit, she discovers an ad for a restaurant that is located at the mall. The restaurant is offering a special deal today, buy one entrée, and get one free. She mentions the deal to her girlfriends, and they all agree to check out the restaurant for a bite to eat. Chances are if they haven’t already liked your Facebook page they will, in addition to using the coupon.

The same could apply to any retail store that is having a great special or sale. We are all aware that many people are constantly walking around with their phones in hand. If they are out and about, then it is the perfect time for them to see your BOGO sale, happening now.

Another example could apply to a hotel or resort. There are many people who will drive into town and search for their accommodations that same day. Chances are if they are searching for a room, then they will be on Facebook, looking at reviews. What better what to showcase your hotel specials than by serving them an ad? It’s that simple!

Taking advantage of local awareness ads can drive an even greater ROI for businesses, as opposed to traditional advertising. This new Facebook ad objective is easy and cost-efficient for any small business looking to get traffic through the door.


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